Hello Doggytread’ers,

This is Joshua Whitley, your humble Doggytread proprietor checking in. I’ve been busy working behind the scenes on your behalf, and I hope that you like what you’re getting! I’ve got a lot to share with you and 99.999% of that is positive.

Gidget (left) and Chico (right) with Josh at the Mush Without Slush

The .001% that isn’t so positive is that my dog, Chico, died last month. He died within three weeks of becoming sick with something called Masticatory Myositis; high doses of steroids bought him another couple of weeks, and that was that.

It was a wonderful ten-and-a-half years and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. There was even a final photo/video session of him in good health, right before he became symptomatic. He was still full of fire at the age of 10 and I look forward to sharing those videos with you soon.

Chico began having hip problems at the age of five-and-a-half, almost exactly five years ago, and the Doggytread Protocol is the aggregation of what kept his hips healthy right up until his last day.

Five years of healthy hips without veterinary intervention. Pause for a moment and reflect back on a dog that was much loved by their family members that had hip problems. Myself, it is a German Shepherd named Happy.

Josh, Happy, and Grandpa Bob

My grandfather, a tough man who grew up in the depression without either of his parents, had a soft spot for animals. And he brought Happy home as a stray from Branson, Missouri. She was grateful in the way that rescue animals frequently are, and gentle with me while I was a rambunctious boy with her.

My grandmother Audrey was the one that took Happy for her last shot. She complained, rightfully, that she was the one to take the animals for their final ride after my grandfather would acquire them. Happy lived to about 12 years old, at which point her hips went out.

Doggytread is dedicated to improving the health of both dogs and their owners. I was given a tremendous gift of five additional years with my dog, and I would like to share that gift with you.

The Doggytread Protocol has four components:

  • Doggytread Whole Plant Hemp Extract (CBD)
  • Treadmill therapy
  • Species appropriate raw diet
  • Naturopathic supplements

Using all of these together, I have arrested arthritis and hip inflammation in my dogs. These experiences were important enough to me that I’ve launched a website dedicated to sharing this information with other dog owners.

Doggytread Forums can be found here:


Saint Chico, the patron saint of Doggytread, was to be my treadmill demonstration doggy and the star of the Doggytread show. He is dearly missed and leaves behind a wealth of information to be explored by dog owners seeking better health for their dogs.

Thank you, Saint Chico!

In the meantime, I am working closely with The Heart Of Rescue and am fostering a beautiful nine year old Rottweiler named Goliath. Keep an eye out for updates about Goliath in the very near future.

May the new year bring peace, health, and prosperity to all of us!

Best regards,

Joshua Whitley